July 24, 2018
Deep Tone Technology: The Greenest Blues that Last
Category: Sustainability
Deep Tone

It’s a balancing act: we want our denim to fade, but we don’t want it to fade too fast – and certainly not into a characterless color. Traditional resin finishing could slow the fading process but at a price: it was an unclean process and the resulting fabric was hard and stiff.

Resin finishes have been around since the 90s. Typically, a fabric is put through a box in order to apply the resin – and that means both sides of the fabric are treated. But does anyone actually want an acrylic resin against their skin day after day? What’s more, applying the resins involves using large quantities of water. 

Our proprietary way of denim finishing is completely different. While we can’t disclose all the details, we can share that we apply a very fine mist that seals the indigo so it doesn’t fade too quickly. It’s only applied on the face of the fabric and saves on 75% of water use. We call this our Deep Tone Technology: keeping indigo darker for longer in the greenest way possible. Our customers love it. And we are very proud of the contribution it makes to a cleaner denim industry.

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