All about softness and drape, the Feel It collection fuses lightweightedness with a sense of volume – you may think it’s a 13-ounce but it’s actually a 10. The line began as luxury fabrics aimed at the women’s market but is now applied to any market where comfort is king.

With spinning at its core, Feel It employs two different technologies:

1) Air-Lite

Unique to Prosperity Textiles, this technology creates a double-spun yarn with a hollow core that results in an ultra-soft premium fabric combining the best of two worlds: stately volume with heavenly lightness.

2) ES-Tex

‘Extra Soft Textiles’ are spun with a low twist multiple (TM). Imagine a towel: twist it up tight and it becomes hard; untwist it and it becomes light and fluffy. The result, also when blended with environmentally-friendly fibers such as Modal® or Tencel®, is a spectacular fabric – with our silky and sustainable C-Blend enjoying particular acclaim.

Both technologies are different ways of achieving the same result: a fabric that eyes heavy and vintage, but then offering much more comfort and a supreme Cashmere-like hand feel.

Feel It is available in both rigid and stretch.

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