Due to the colder climate, most mills in the west are traditionally not experienced in creating lightweight denim shirting. Prosperity’s R&D team took up the challenge to create the D-Light collection – already a proven favorite for some of the world’s most directional denim brands.

The name says it all: delightfully beautiful and lightweight fabrics with a drapey and silky hand-feel. By slasher dyeing the fine yarns, the resulting fabrics have their own unique luster.

D-Light’s 7-ounce fabric is made using 100% BCI cotton. It can also be blended with linen or hemp – the latter resulting in a fabric with distinctive rustic yellow cast and a beautiful slub.

And then there is a superlight 4-ounce 32’s Ne fabric: tightly woven from combed long-staple cotton fiber – that turns out sweetly soft after washing.  

D-Light also includes a series of lightweight denims that can be used for both shirtings and bottoms. In fact, the options are quite limitless: from an airy chambray to vintage western shirtings, plain or textured, 100% cotton or in a new blend using Refibra® or Tencel®.

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