Curated honors the traditional craftsmanship of selvedge denim and premium raw jeans. It’s the result of the convergence of two of the most experienced creative minds in textiles: denim kingpin Andrew Olah and Prosperity’s creative director Bart Van de Woestyne. Inspired by the past, they come up with their own take on raw denim at its most beautiful.

Dyed with plant indigo, Curated fabrics are woven on narrow width (90-cm) 1970s shuttle looms at a slow speed of around 100-120 picks/minute – resulting in a distinctive and rustic look. The fibers at the core of these fabrics are the softest Supima cotton, hemp and wool.

One example: our wool denim was inspired by 19th-century European denim history when denim was often a mix of cotton and wool. However, Prosperity’s team does not dwell in the past. Curated is also about updating – for example, several varieties include stretch.

Each and every Curated selvedge fabrics ages beautifully from a crisp dark denim to a second skin with a unique worn-in patterning that reflect a wearer’s lifestyle.

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