With athleisure being one of the most exciting trends in the apparel domain, it was only logical for Prosperity’s R&D team to develop an exciting ‘Fit & Function’ range.

F2 Denim applies several genuinely thrilling technologies that bring previously unthinkable properties to the stretch universe.

For example, Coffee Denim literally puts the beans into your jeans. This exclusive technology, with its distinctive brown cast, integrates recycled coffee grounds into the fibers for a fabric with thermo-regulating properties.

Celliant® is also pioneered at Prosperity. This mineral-based technology converts body heat into infrared warmth that increases blood flow and oxygenation by up to 15%. The results are almost supernatural: more energy, a greater sense of wellbeing and less aches and pains.

With excellent wicking and drying properties, Prosperity’s Coolmax®-blended fabrics combine the best of two worlds: outdoor performance with the casual world of denim. Prosperity’s proprietary blend with 80% Coolmax® is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, resulting in a maximum synergy between both fibers. With its usage of Coolmax® EcoMade, Prosperity was again the first one to adopt this new, ecologically responsible variety of this well-known performance fiber.

Prosperity uses hollow core technology Thermalite® in a proprietary blend to keep the wearer warm. But what gets us really excited is combining Thermolite with Coolmax® to create Coolmax® All Season, a thermo-regulating fabric that keeps you warm when you’re cold, and cools you when you’re hot.

Considered a contemporary version of cashmere, Miyabi is a soft and luxurious ultra fine fiber. When used in a denim blend, it retains body heat while keeping you feeling chic at all times.

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